Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What we wrote for our Board Report...

Our first Board Report...
In the All Stars we have been doing some fantastic learning. Here are some of the things we would like to share with you.

Kate: I liked learning to do eye to eye and knee to knee with my talking partner Faiyaz.

Mason: I like reading because I am learning every word.

Isabella: I like story writing. I am learning to draw a detailed picture.

Lachie: I am learning to write lots of words in my story writing and I can hear lots of sounds.

Lydia: I liked painting my portrait. I did good hair!

Jayden: I liked playing grasshopper tennis. I learnt to bounce the ball on the ground.

Shawn: At Discovery Time I liked playing with bowling balls. We put the cones into a big, tall volcano - it was a big pile! Then we tipped water in it and it exploded!

Katelyn: I love playing at the playground, playing down by the tree where my other friends play.

Blake: I like going to school because I like being a shining star. I like sitting on the chair with pooh bear!

Joseph: I liked the volcano. Did you hear it explode? It was really, really, loud.

Aishling: I like drawing pictures. I am learning to draw and write a story.

Jai: I liked playing bowling at Discovery time. We had a bowling set and we  knocked the cones over.

Faiyaz: I am learning to write the word car.

We are learning alongside each other, participating and contributing together and having a fantastic time along the way!

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  1. wow evry body sounds like yoy,ve been having fun in dt because of the volcano and bowling.