Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Discovery Time

We are learning to participate together, take turns and share.
Last week our letter of the week was P. We planted some seeds with Rochelle and we are watching them grow. We have to water them every day to help them grow.  We also put some sprout seeds into a jar and have been soaking them in water every day and then draining the water off. They are shooting up!
Lydia, Jayden and Shawn created a new game outside with a basketball and some hoops. They had a lot of fun working the game out and playing together. Great participating and taking turns! See Mason, Isabella and Kate making lots of different animal shapes and 'cooking' with the playdough too. Mmmm - the food they made tasted good! Mason made pea soup!
Check out our photos and little video clips.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Our letter of the week is P. Look at all the p words we have thought of.

pig, pink, pasta, Pooh Bear, poppy, pizza, penguin, pepper, peas, puppy, pot, pitch, picture, pencil, pen, pop, piece, peace, play, playground, playtime, peach, plum, paper, peg, plaster, polite, people, phone, pool, potty, patch, pirate

Cross Country

The 'All Stars' took part in our school cross country on Monday. We enjoyed the running and feel very proud of ourselves for participating in our first ever cross country. Look at the photos of us and other children at RSS. We are amazing!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Grasshopper Tennis

We are going to grasshopper tennis with Big John on Wednesday afternoons. He is teaching us skills to play tennis. We are having heaps of fun!

Shawn:I liked grasshopper tennis because Big John could stick the ball to the racquet like a butterfly. We think he's got sticky things on his racquet.
Jayden: I learn't to hit the ball with the racquet. I can do it now!
Lydia: I learn't 'cheesing it' which means to hit the ball on the side of the racquet - you are pretending to cut the ball up!
Kate:  I learn't to 'cheese it'!
Lachie: I learn't to throw the ball to my partner with the racquet in between. We had to try and bounce the ball on the racquet first then the other person had to hit it with the racquet.
Faiyaz: I learn't to bounce the ball on the racquet.
Jai: I like to 'butt' the ball with the racquet.
Joseph: I learn't to butt the ball with the circle bit on the racquet.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Discovery Time

Yesterday at Discovery Time we made  toasted sandwiches because our letter of the week is ‘Tt’.
At the end of Discovery Time we talked about what we liked or enjoyed the most.

Kate: I enjoyed making toasted sandwiches because I just had cheese, no tomato.
Jayden: I enjoyed it when we were playing outside playing with the skipping ropes. I was trying to skip.
Jai: I liked to dress up in the dog costume!
Shawn: I liked playing with the skipping ropes - I can skip now.
Isabella: I liked making the toasted sandwich. I liked it without tomato.
Faiyaz: I liked driving the cars.
Joseph: I liked cooking and playing outside with the skipping ropes. I went back for more! (toasted sandwiches!)
Mason: I liked cooking, I liked cutting the bread.
Lachie: I liked cooking, I liked the cheese and no tomato.