Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Discovery Time

We are learning to participate together, take turns and share.
Last week our letter of the week was P. We planted some seeds with Rochelle and we are watching them grow. We have to water them every day to help them grow.  We also put some sprout seeds into a jar and have been soaking them in water every day and then draining the water off. They are shooting up!
Lydia, Jayden and Shawn created a new game outside with a basketball and some hoops. They had a lot of fun working the game out and playing together. Great participating and taking turns! See Mason, Isabella and Kate making lots of different animal shapes and 'cooking' with the playdough too. Mmmm - the food they made tasted good! Mason made pea soup!
Check out our photos and little video clips.

1 comment:

  1. Hi All Stars. I like the letter "P" and saw words in your bog including Participating, Playing, Pea, Playdough, Photos and Planting. Do you know a tongue-twister called "Peter Pipe Picked a Pickled Pepper..." It's very tricky and Perhaps you can Practice it until you are Perfect!? Have fun and Please Publish more Positive Prose. Kevin (BoT)