Thursday, 10 May 2012

Discovery Time

Yesterday at Discovery Time we made  toasted sandwiches because our letter of the week is ‘Tt’.
At the end of Discovery Time we talked about what we liked or enjoyed the most.

Kate: I enjoyed making toasted sandwiches because I just had cheese, no tomato.
Jayden: I enjoyed it when we were playing outside playing with the skipping ropes. I was trying to skip.
Jai: I liked to dress up in the dog costume!
Shawn: I liked playing with the skipping ropes - I can skip now.
Isabella: I liked making the toasted sandwich. I liked it without tomato.
Faiyaz: I liked driving the cars.
Joseph: I liked cooking and playing outside with the skipping ropes. I went back for more! (toasted sandwiches!)
Mason: I liked cooking, I liked cutting the bread.
Lachie: I liked cooking, I liked the cheese and no tomato.

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