Monday, 30 April 2012

Story Writing

We are learning to write... and what amazing writers we are!

We are learning to draw a detailed picture.
We are learning to write the sounds that we hear.

Here are 3 samples of our fabulous writing that show our learning.


  1. Great to read your stories my Jumpstart friends. You have all made a great start at school. I look forward to seeing more of your learning on your class blog!

  2. Hello All Stars, I love writing too and look forward to writing some comments on all the class Blogs at RSS. It good to write the sounds you hear. Do you want to know a wonderful tricky LONG word that I like? That word is "onomatopeia" and it means a word that suggest what they sound like such as "sizzle" or "plop" or "bang" Cool EH? Can you think of some more?