Thursday, 26 April 2012

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Our first week!

We have had a fantastic first week in the All Stars. What great learners we are! We have been learning to point to each word as we read it and have been drawing pictures that match our story writing. We have been counting and learning to write some numbers to 10. Today we even used Mr Hundreds Board to count to 100!

 On Tuesday we went to see 'The Lorax' at the movies. Here is some of our 'quick thinking' after the movie.
Our favourite parts of the movie were...
...when the Baba-loot was in the fridge eating all the food!
...when the Baba-loot fell off the bed onto the floor. It was funny!
...when the Baba-loots put the Once-ler’s bed into the river.
...when all the marshmallows were given out by the Once-ler.

Why did the Once-ler chop down the first tree?
He wanted to make a thneed.

How do you think the Lorax was feeling when the Once-ler chopped down the first tree?
The Lorax said “Why did you chop that tree down?” He was angry and sad because he wanted to keep the tree safe.

What happened to the animals when all of the trees got cut down?
All of the fish, and the teddies and the birds had to leave. The birds couldn’t live in the trees anymore. The baba-loots ate the fruit from the trees and all the fruit was gone. Also... we liked going on the bus!

Today we had Discovery Time. It was great fun to be creative and work together with our friends! Here are a few photos of us.

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  1. Jillian Pettolino24 May 2012 at 00:33

    Cool pics...looks like you are all having great fun!