Thursday, 26 July 2012

What Is This Called?

We are wondering what this is called?
Can you help us?
We have LOTS of ideas but we looked at all the things we had written down and we realized we don't have a name for it!
We think it is a sport in the Olympics.
Here are some of our thoughts:
The girl is in a stadium
It is a stage
These people are high jumpers.
I've got an x-box and you are allowed to do that. You run and then you throw it when the floor turns green, and then you get a big score.
I see the big stick
What are they doing with the stick?
I think they are throwing it over the bar - then they will get a high score
The pointy stick is an arrow
That looks sharp
We were talking about this the other day in that other picture
That's very true - here is the first picture we wondered about :
It's sports
What are they holding with their hand?

We've done some great thinking - now can you help us?
Thanks! From the All Stars!


  1. Wow, you have done some good thinking. I can't quite remember the name but think it starts with the letter 'J'. I think they're got to throw it as far as they can. I wouldn't want to be standing in the way.

  2. This is called javelin because i am relly good at it.