Saturday, 18 August 2012

Our fantastic assembly

Well done to all of you in the All Stars, Super 7 and Nine Inch Nails for a fantastic assembly. It was fabulous! This is the footage of it if you missed it or just want to have another look! There is a direct link on the RSS website on the sidebar to this as well - pretty fab idea! If you can't make it to assembly you can watch it live! Thank you lovely parents/whanau for supporting us in our assembly. I am very proud of the children. It is a big deal and a great learning challenge getting up on the stage to perform to such a large audience. What a super duper bunch you all are!
Video streaming by Ustream


  1. It was freaky when i mucked up in the count on me song i was crying after that accident : (

  2. Joshana From rm 926 August 2012 at 22:49

    WOW that was an amazing assembly ever and Thanks to all the teacher and our buddies for helping us